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from real cdbaby customers:

Spectacular, fun, silly, awesome…etc.

We, as a family, can’t seem to get enough of Danna Banana’s music. My kids listened to it in Pre-k and still follow now that they are in elementary school. What can we say but we love it!! The music is fun, silly, catchy and overall just spectacular. Keep putting out the tunes and we’ll keep listening!

One of the best buys I have ever made.
We’ve listended to the CD about 100 times since we purchased it for Father’s Day, and I still find myself laughing at the lyrics. My 4 year old son requests the CD by name, and I often hear him singing the songs to himself throughout the day. Hooray for Daddy-O!

a pinata of listening pleasure!
It’s a wonderful mix of classic and wacky (ala Spike Jones). There are not a lot of kid CDs that parents can listen to more than once, but this one is a pinata of listening pleasure!

Very Funny!
This CD is great! My kids love the beat of the songs and can remember the words easily. I can finally throw all of those boring Barney CD’s out the door! Thank you for a refreshing change.

From Amazon customers:

5.0 out of 5 stars
This is an awesome cd!!, [Daddy-O]

5.0 out of 5 stars
The whole family loves this CD![Daddy-O]
My daughter gave this to my husband for father’s day 4 years ago. We picked it because she used to call him daddy-o. Well, my daughter still loves listening to it and my husband and I still enjoy it after a million plays. My daughter’s favorite is You’re My Favorite Meatball, and The Ballad of Hey and Getoffame is a crack up!

My 2 year old LOVES this cd!! So do we!
The Owie Song is his favorite. It is something you can play for the kids and not want to pull your hair out by the time it’s over. Parents will enjoy the catchy tunes as well. They are soo true too, like the Jungle Gym song!! We laugh at The Ballad of Hey and Getoffame every time and my husband can never get Whatchamadingy out of his head!

I recommend this cd to everyone with kids no matter their age. You will love it!

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“Want some new kiddie tunes that aren’t cloying? Skip the purple dinosaur and head for a banana — Danna Banana.”
– Mia Goldberg, New York Post

“Danna Banana manages to appeal
both to younger kids and tweens… His extremely funny lyrics will make
listeners of all ages laugh out loud.”
– Judy Antell, Big Apple Parent

“Tracks like nonsense fest ‘John Banana Milkshake,’ manic dance number
‘The Goofball,’ and the funny (and ultimately touching) ‘Your
Reward’ are so accomplished, youÕd swear they were already children’s
classics — which they certainly deserve to be.”
– Moira McCormick, Family Fun Magazine

[Danna Banana’s] stock in trade is
raucous, clever songs that engage child and parent alike. No
monotonous, gooey ‘I love you/you love me’ drivel.”
– Tom Dunphy, The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

“His occasional forays into
delicate topics come across as eminently hummable, especially when
they’re delivered in [Danna Banana’s] operatic baritone.”
– Linda Lombroso, The Journal News (Rockland County, NY)

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