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Hey people-

It’s taken me four days just to get to a working computer that has access to the internet! Everything is fine, my family is okay, we had one tree that almost fell on the house, and broke the windshield of our car, but other than that, no real damage. We have no power, however. We’ve been having people over every night, cooking meat from the freezer before it goes bad, drinking wine and singing songs by candle light. I could get used to this!

Thanks for all the notes of concern. I’ll be back in touch soon about the releaswe of my NEW ALBUM, i am NOT silly, very soon. It’s already gone to the printers, and I should be receiving delivery of actual cds in a few days. This hurricane may have delayed IANS world takeover release, but not by much! Have no fear!

November 1, 2012 / danna banana